Review: Clinique Moisture Sheer SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer

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I purchased this tinted moisturizer ($27 at Clinique counters) as an alternative to my foundation for the summer months. Though Laura Mercier makes arguably the most beloved Tinted Moisturizer on the market, the heavy pigmentation and steep price were not what I was looking for.

Moisture Sheer is one of those products which is unequivocally true to its name. When applied to the skin, this TM gives a pleasant cooling sensation that I can’t liken to another experience (maybe if you took some hair gel out of the refrigerator and spread it on your face, but without being sticky). It’s almost as though I can feel my skin immediately becoming hydrated.

The coverage upon application is sheer but buildable, and with a bit of concentration on my problem areas I am able to even out my skin tone with a dime-sized dollop.

My only complaint is that this TM has some sort of a “luminous” effect. It does not contain sparkles, so I don’t know how this is the case, but I prefer a totally matte finish on my face makeup. A generous dusting of translucent powder is able to tone it down to a level I am pleased with, however, and I usually have to reapply the powder at the mid-day point to keep the shine down.

For those who are looking for less coverage than LM or who are on a more conservative budget, I think Moisture Sheer is an excellent alternative. I have acne-prone skin and have not had a single blemish since I started using this TM. I cannot say for sure is a coincidence or a result, but I have found it more agreeable than most face makeup I’ve tried in the past.

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