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Clinique_Anti-Redness_Powder.jpg (17 KB)Clinique_Anti-Redness_Powder_closeup.jpg (24 KB)This powder concealer can be used under or over liquid or powder foundation (I haven’t tried it with cream-style). I have even worn it alone, without foundation. It does a very good job of neutralizing redness, whatever the cause of the redness might be.

I have tried many different types of redness-canceling products. Estee Lauder used to have a sticky product you applied with a sponge, and Eucerin still has a liquid. Both were/are green and could only be worn under foundation. Although both were effective at reducing the appearance of redness, they had the same problem: the product added a texture to my face that was obvious even if I tried to conceal it with foundation or powder.

This finely milled powder is invisible on my face, whether I apply it before or after foundation, or even without.

Throw away the brush that is included–it’s useless for this or any other product. I use Bare Escentuals’ concealer brush, which is larger, thicker, and softer than most. If you don’t have this brush, I’d recommend that you experiment with the brushes you do have, and if you don’t have one that’s entirely suitable, buy one. Yes, it’s an added cost, but the results are worth it.

I apply it by pressing my brush onto some powder on the plastic shaker top, tapping it on the rim to remove excess, and then pressing it onto my face. That’s the most effective way of concealing redness. You can also brush it onto your face if you want a sheerer application

I’ve given this a 4 for value because $32.50 is a steep price. You do get a lot of product, however. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and I estimate I’ve used less than a half.

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