Creating Your Swaplist (and Wishlist)

I hope you guys are liking the new swapping and reviews section.  I’ve been watching as items get added, and I had a few observations that I thought were worth mentioning:

1. Information about the condition of the item doesn’t belong in the item name.  (Don’t list a “BNIB Rouge Allure 36 Darling”, just list “Rouge Allure 36 Darling” and select the appropriate condition. When you add words like “BNIB” or “Rare” or “Look!” you are preventing the system from making a match, because someone else has to wish for the exact thing you listed.)

2. When you create a wishlist item, and select the condition you want, the system will try to find you that condition or better. If you’re willing to take the item in any condition, select “Less than 50%” and the system will search for that item in any condition.We’re working on adding “help” callouts on the add item form to explain this.

3. When you create a “lot” of items or list the contents of a custom palette, you’re preventing the system from suggesting a match for you.

I know it seems easier to create one wishlist listing for all the OPI nail polishes you’re looking for, but the system can’t match you up unless you list them one-by-one.

Similarly, it’s tempting to create “bulk” items for swap, when you’d like to get rid of them all at once, but the odds that someone has created a wishlist item with that EXACT grouping is almost zero.  Someone can still find your listing by browsing, but the system won’t be able to suggest matches.  (And it is designed to propose multi-swaps, so the extra effort of listing items individually now should pay off later.)

As always, if you run into any problems or have any questions, please send me an email (editor -at-

Those of you who’ve already sent in suggestions, thank you!

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