Review: Chanel Le Crayon Yeux – Noir

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This is an excellent eyeliner, and a staple in my makeup wardrobe. The black color is *not* the blackest black out there. If you’re looking for a really dark, solid black, this is not the liner for you :) This liner creates more of a very deep gray shade unless you apply it quite heavily (and applied very heavily it will smudge and migrate more). It’s a bit more natural than a really solid black, making it an excellent every-day liner, though you can certainly apply more heavily for more impact for an evening look.

This is probably not the best liner choice if you’re looking to create a very sharp, precise line – therefore the “precision” part of the name is a bit misleading. This is better for a slightly smudged, sexy, or even more natural line. If you start off with a precise line in the morning, and your lids are at least a little oily (or you’re good about using an eye cream) you will probably not still have that precise line at the end of the day.

The application is beautiful and smooth, with no tugging on the delicate eye area. It goes on easily, and I think it wears nicely. It does not have the best staying power of any eyeliner I’ve tried, but it doesn’t give me panda eyes or migrate in a way that I find undesirable. More of a natural wearing to the look through the day. It won’t stay on my water-line for long, but it doesn’t irritate my eyes even if I apply it to this sensitive area.

One tip I have for application is that even if you’re not planing to smudge out the line, do use the tip of the smudge tool to gently run along the eyeliner and even out its finish. This is great for creating the shape of the line you’ve drawn, and it doesn’t seem to migrate as much if you’ve evened it out this way.

All in all, I think this is a truly excellent product, but one must realize there are a lot of types of eyeliner – this one can achieve a variety of looks, but it does have limitations :)

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