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DSC00064.JPG (441 KB)Petticoat MSF is simply gorgeous. For lighter to medium-dark skintones it will make a beautiful blush. This is one of the MSFs that I find particularly glittery because of the gold and amber veining. I also find that it does indeed emphasize pores, but I counter act that by applying a little further from the area where I have large pores. If you are not a shimmer fan, this is not for you because it has a high frost metallic finish. Its described on the MAC website as pale rose, but to me its more of a raspberry shimmer. It also changes color depending on the amber veining which is different in every product, so some may be closer to a shimmery pale rose. I find the best use for this is over a matte blush because if layered on it can really be a disco ball. However, light skin tones will not experience this problem as they won’t need to layer this. If used properly however, its just stunning. This is amazingly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The value is great, I can’t see myself ever running out of this, and the packaging is standard MAC packaging, sturdy plastic. I actually love the appearance of this product, the baked dome shape with all the veining is really pretty to look at. Beware if you use your fingers to apply this, the veining will smear causing the product to look like one color, but a brush does not have this effect on the product. I recommend a 187, it is really easy to overdo it with a more dense brush.

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