Review: Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

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This curler will work for most eye shapes except for flat, almond-shaped eyes, which unfortunately I was blessed with. My eye structure is comparatively flat compared to others and doesn’t protude as much with the curve (aka “Asian” eyes) so this curler was completely useless to me.

I love the handles and how it closes but the curler is way too curved for people with almond shaped eyes. It doesn’t even TOUCH my lashes because of the curve and if it does happen to grab a couple, it’s always at the ends, never at the roots. I can never get it to get the base of my lashes because it’s too curved for my eye structure (makes me want to just flatten it out if I could).

Overall a great product for the majority of people but not even worth it for people with flat, almond shaped eyes. This is definitely going back!

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