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loracswatches.jpg (9 KB)I’ve been curious to extend my current makeup collection.. well I always want to extend my makeup collection, who am I kidding. I’d heard a lot about LORAC products but hadn’t tried them until this collection (also purchased the Box Office Sensation kit). This collection drew me in because of color variety and cost vs. quantity of product. I have to admit I had hesitations due to brand unfamiliarity. $25 is pretty affordable for 5 fullish sized lip glosses but that’s $25 for a brand I don’t know if I like. Being the kid I am, I sat in my car upon purchasing and grabbed Flaming mix (red gloss). It was honestly love at first swatch. It was a bold, beautiful, juicy red. The formula is smooth, slightly sticky but not unbearable, also not heavy. I was excited to try the rest. Once I got home, I checked out the other colors. They are equally as amazing when it comes to pigmentation, and the set has a fantastic variety.

Shocking Twist- bold fuschia
In the Mix- “nude” leaning on the brown side. While warm, a natural shade (side note I have red hair and hate browns as I feel washed out. I really like this color).
Social Mixer- soft pink
Flaming Mix- bold red
Berry Blender- purple/wine shade

LORAC did a stand up job on this set. It’s not only affordable, but has a broad range of color you’d want for whatever day. I’ve seen someone mention one complaint because the size of these are 0.11 oz vs the full size 0.17 oz. It’s NOT noticeable and to me they are full size (slightly smaller in length and width than the BUXXOM lip products). Since purchasing, I’ve used all colors and they’re fantastic. Even if the gloss wears off, I’m still left with a light pigment to my lips. I’d say the gloss lasted around 4 hours while pigmentation was still around 6 hours later.

I think this is great to own, but also a fantastic gift. Again, it’s $25 for the collection of 5 lip glosses ($5 a lip gloss vs. $22 for one “full size” LORAC lipgloss.. heck $5 for a lip gloss is reasonable by drug store comparison). To note, upon multiple uses or transporting it around the “tye dye” effect in the gloss tubes goes away. Mine are mostly mixed at this point but still look fantastic. I would urge anyone that is in the market.. pick this up. I don’t know how long it will last. The last few times I was at Ulta it was gone. Sephora had it online only. I think it’s in stores by now, but online is sold out.

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