Review: Neutrogena Active Breathable Sunblock SPF 45

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Neutrogena-Active-Breathable-Sunblock.jpg (67 KB)If I remember correctly, this sunscreen came out at about the same time as Neutrogena’s Sheer Dry Touch. I bought a bottle of each because I’m fair and spend a lot of time outdoors.

I used the Sheer Dry Touch first (ignoring Active Breathable because the Sheer Dry worked pretty well, and the promise of “drying sheer” was very alluring).

Well I finally got around to trying Active Breathable and I was amazed to find it was superior to Sheer Dry — it dried MORE matte. It also didn’t have a sunscreen scent, was waterproof, sweatproof… it was just an amazing product, and I really loved wearing it.

Unfortunately, by the time I finished the 4 oz. tube, the product had been discontinued, and I couldn’t rebuy it anywhere. I think Neutrogena just marketed Sheer Dry Touch harder.

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