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168491_10150106948972442_714272441_7373883_4803374_n.jpg (8 KB)I was looking to buy something inexpensive from Sephora just to use some points in my point bank, and I stumbled upon this. The store still had it marked as $15, so I was thrilled that it rang up as $8. It’s a perfect solution for purse storage as I change lipsticks almost daily. My only complaint is that the instructions are fairly vague as to how much lipstick to melt down and how long. I melted all MAC lipsticks and noticed matte finishes would almost boil or burn if left in as long as other finishes (around 1:05). The scoop is ok. The thing with the material of the bowl and melting is you get just about what you’ll get by pouring vs. scraping. You want enough lipstick to pour so it hardens a nice finish (vs. uneven or lumpy). You may be able to push some of the left over product forward but once it’s gone the remainder will harder pretty fast. Because of how fast drying lipstick can be, this can make it difficult but not impossible to mix colors as suggested. After flubbing 2 wells I was able to better eyeball how much lipstick to cut off for melting. Also be careful of dripping into other wells. Overall, it’s affordable, convenient, and easy to use/clean. Definitely worth owning if you can catch it in stores (shows out of stock online).

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