Review: Unlisted Brand Tokidoki Robbery Palette: The Arlecchino

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What it is:

A set of three makeup palettes from the trendy brand Tokidoki, each consisting of four eye shadows and one blush or bronzer, housed neat and tidy in a keepsake tin. Oh, there’s also a cute, oversized removable Tokidoki logo magnet that comes with the tin. Can be bought at Sephora for $39.

What’s in each palette:

-The Royal Pride Palette:
4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and a 0.16 oz Bronzer in Royal Pride

-The Arlecchino Palette:
4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and a 0.16 oz Blush in Momobella

-Rapina Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and a 0.16 oz Blush in Polpettina

Quick take:
Uber-cute packaging, glitzy trendy eye shadows and bronze/blushers that range from good to meh. Decent value for the money.

The Details:

Today I will be writing about the “The Arlecchino” palette, which is housed in the middle section of the tin.

Click on the link above to see swatches, adorable packaging, and a FOTD made with the palette!

I’ve already written about “The Royal Pride” palette here; please check it out to see my general thoughts on the whole set since I don’t want to repeat myself here. The review of the last palette, “Rapina,” is soon to come.

The Arlecchino Palette

I would give this palette 3 out of 5 stars, whereas “Royal Pride” was slightly above 4 stars for me. I have to admit that some of my “meh” attitude comes from my slight dislike of blue/green eyeshadows (I like them warmer, in pinks, purples, corals, browns, you name it,) but the rest largely has to do with the quality of the eye shadows themselves. That said, if you like your greens and blues and want to stock up on your collection with a travel-friendly, uber-adorable palette, be sure to pick this up. (Well, you’ll have to pick up the other two palettes too since they’re a set, but you know what I mean.)

The quality of the shadows are somewhat more inconsistent than those of “Royal Pride.” Whereas “Royal Pride” contained only metallic shimmer finishes, “Arlecchino” contains one matte and one almost-shimmer that I find hard to categorize. I’ll go into more detail so you see what I mean. Also, as with the “Royal Pride” eyeshadows, these do tend to crease even with primer, but not all that much.

“Soya” is bold lime green with a metallic, shimmery finish. It goes on smooth and pigmented. (Actually, it is so darned pigmented that I washed all the colors off my arm with soap after doing the swatch, but I still have a lime green Soya stripe on my wrist. Weird.) It is a very loud color, as you can imagine. In an attempt to create an EOTD with this palette, I did an all-over the lid look with Soya at first, but rubbed it off in horror when I saw how utterly unnatural and clownish it looked on me. It probably has to do a lot with my skin coloring, which has yellow undertones and tends to look a little sickly when paired with green. I think this would suit others just fine, though.

“Candy Cane” reminds me a whole lot of the Yeyo Loose Pigment from Urban Decay, in both color, texture and finish. It’s a shimmery pure white that contains large pearl white glitter particles that approach grittiness. This causes it to kind of clump up, like mascara, if you don’t blend carefully. I think the texture and finish could have definitely been done better—it just feels cheap, like makeup you got from grocery stores when you were in sixth grade or something (or maybe some of you shopped at department stores and had Dior quads at that age, I don’t know.)

“Ninja Dog” is a true blue that swatches slightly purple. Like Candy Cane, this has a really weird texture and finish. It straddles the line between a shimmer and a matte; it looks and feels matte in the pan, but once you swatch it you can see some slight shimmer which becomes more apparent if you take a picture with flash. While that’s odd, I can live with it. What I really dislike about this eyeshadow is that it contains really noticeable silver glitter that is really sparse. Does that make sense? It resembles Urban Decay’s Stardust eyeshadows in that the glitter size is really big, but there really isn’t much of it mixed into the pigment. So the glitter is that much more obvious in the few instances you can see it. I’d prefer it one way or the other; pack in the glitter or don’t put it in at all (preferably don’t.) I don’t want big silver flecks on my eyelids like someone’s been doing a craft project on me, thank you very much.

“Meteo” is a dark navy matte that has a somewhat chalky finish that can be blended out. (I have found that most mattes tend to be chalky, so I am not taking points off for this one.) It does function well and look nice when properly blended, especially as a liner. Or, perhaps, you could do a blue smokey eye with this one, using Meteo as one of the darker shades. At any rate, it’s not half bad.

“Momobella” is one of the two blushes of the set. It’s very pretty. It’s a warm peach with gold glitter (I wish it were shimmer but it’s not.) It’s quite sheer but it can be built up to medium intensity; you may find it too sheer/light for you if you have a darker skin tone (for reference, I am about NC20-NC25.) I find that when I use it, I have to use a dense brush and layer two to three times. Good for people who tend to go overboard with blush, annoying for someone on the run.

So there it is. The blue/green palette with the pretty but weak blush, “The Arlecchino.” Stay tuned for the next and final installment of “The Rapina”!

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