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Item:Unlisted Brand, FaceFront r/o for list please; Other
Condition:Greater than 90% left
Notes:-Flashlight Highlight powder in Autofocus, Double Exposure and Gamma Ray. -Mineralized Blush in Fun Fair, Kept Coral and Raisin For Ranger. -Artistic Pigment in Acrylic Apple Torte, Azulian, Bee Incredible, Bitter Bark, Circus Circuit, Fierce Contender, Motivate Me, Pow Bam Wow, Toucan Tango, Weekend Warrior and Vanilla Chrome. -Pressed eyeshadow in Air Mark, Capital Fuchsia, Delft, Fate By Chance, Greyscale, Light Force, Muddy Bear, Night Ray, Squeeze Me!, Toxic Violet, Gumball and Shell. -Cyber Gel in Black Jax, Painter's Blue and Red Hot.