I have a friend in Tennessee who loves Armani lipstick. She doesn’t live near enough to an Armani counter to go check out the new releases, and in the summer of 2008, Armani had a new lipstick collection. My friend was lamenting to me how unhelpful the colored circles on Armani’s website were, and how frustrating it is having to shop blind.

Living in Dallas (a shopping mecca, with representation for almost every brand), I said that it would be no trouble to go to the counter, swatch a few shades on my hand, and go outside to take a picture.

A few weekends later I did the same thing with some Chanel lipsticks, and it occurred to me that I could make a blog out of this.

I’m 29.  I started out in journalism, working for a newspaper; now I work in advertising (with blogging on the side).

I’m fair, but not the palest person I know. I’m roughly an NW15/20 on MAC’s scale. I currently wear Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain, but I’ve also been matched to MAC Face & Body in N1,Armani Face Fabric shade 1Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (LSF) shade 2Chantecaille Real Skin in FreshChantecaille Future Skin in PorcelainNARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc, and Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid in 774. My arms don’t always match my face (especially at the end of a summer of swatching).

Anyway, thank you for reading — I hope I can help you find what you’re looking for.