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Review: TiGi Afterparty Eye Shadow in Playful

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PICT0372.jpg (6 KB)At first glance this product looks beautiful, the packaging is unique and really had my expectations VERY high.

Retailing around 16 dollars, (thank fully I get a MA discount of 50 percent) I cannot believe how HORRIBLE this product is.

The consistency has a strange oily creaminess to it. So then WHY is there so much fallout with application? Probably due to the fact that there is no real way of getting around that horrid wand sponge applicator.

There is NO blending this product, and it fades almost instantaneously. I have tried my Urban Decay Primer Potion as well as my NYX white base but I have yet to find a primer that will hold this product for more than a couple hours. The product also creases terribly even with primer under.

I had such high hopes because I love (almost) all my TiGi makeup with the exception of a few.

NO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I know the swatch looks pretty, but don’t let that fool you! Swatches of a product should never be the sole selling point of any product you buy!

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