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Review: TiGi Afterparty Eye Shadow in Playful

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At first glance this product looks beautiful, the packaging is unique and really had my expectations VERY high.

Retailing around 16 dollars, (thank fully I get a MA discount of 50 percent) I cannot believe how HORRIBLE this product is.

The consistency has a strange oily creaminess to it. So then WHY is there so much fallout with application? ... more >>

Review: e.l.f. Master Makeup Collection

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Where do i START?!

In this mixed pallet you get 84 eye shadows, 36 Lipstick shades, 6 blushes, 4 concealers, 4 shimmer creams, 4 bronzers, a face brush, a lip brush and a duo eyeshadow applicator and big mirror on lid of pallet.

This is part of the elf studio line and is my go-to HG of anything in the ... more >>