I'm sure you could guess ++

I thought long and hard about what to suggest. I feel that MAC lacks GOLDEN brown eyeshadows (seems like all their warm browns are red). And I wrestled with the idea of taking a shade and putting an unusual color sparkle into it (because I thought the people choosing the winners might be seduced by that kind of detail). I contemplated dark brown with copper sparkle.

But in the end I suggested the color I like best: a light, warm grey taupe matte/satin (I sent photos of bunnies and squirrels and cozy sweaters for reference). I explained that texture is everything, and if I couldn't have a Matte2, then I wanted it to be something creamy and delightful. I think I referenced the shadows in Mickey Contractor.

As for the gloss, I asked for a mostly opaque warm rose with no sparkle or shimmer.

I'm a huge dork, so the shadow was called Swatch This and the lipgloss was Armed & Dangerous.

Karla Sugar

05/31/2011 12:18PM

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