Name That Swatch Contest ++

Welcome to this week's giveaway! You may have arrived here from this blog post:

The game is to correctly name as many swatches as you can; reply to this post to enter. This contest ends Sunday, June 26 at 10 pm (after which I will declare a winner and post the answers).

In the event of a tie, a winner will be randomly selected from the users with the most correct answers (since posts are editable, it hardly seems fair to use timestamp to determine the winner).

Here are a few hints about the swatches:
• I used a mix of brands and products.
• These are all permanent collection items, currently available on counters.
• These are all products I have swatched before (so, technically, the answers are all on
• Each number represents an individual product. I didn't split up a palette or duo; I didn't swatch any item you can't buy individually.

Good luck!

One entry per person. You will be disqualified if you post more than one set of answers (because I don't know which entry you want me to check). "Talk"ers anywhere in the world are eligible to win. There are no penalties for wrong answers/for leaving answers blank; I'm just looking for the most right answers.

Karla Sugar

06/20/2011 7:40AM

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