UD 15th Anniversary Palette Thoughts + Comparisons w/ other UD e/s +++

Karla's posted GORGEOUS swatches of this palette so I am sure you have all seen it...
so I don't feel I need to post my swatches of the whole palette here ...

I didn't need this at all.

I talked myself out of it successfully for a couple of weeks.

Then I saw it in person and gasped.

Angel on my shoulder said: you have dupes for most of these...even UD has dupes for most of these. You have too many eyeshadows already. You don't need it. You're falling for the hype. You just purged and now you're adding more stuff?

Devil on my shoulder shouted: But it's PRETTY. And it's all in one palette. AND you'll always regret it if you don't get it. PLUS you get double points. And you had a bad week. You need this.

Devil won.


A few e/s were frostier (Midnight15,Midnight Rodeo and Vanilla) but most are metallic and creamy/easy to blend.

The only two I would say I was very *meh* about were blackout (matte black thats not a real standout imo) and vanilla (texture wasn't as wonderful as the others). The ones that were most unique to my collection were Junkshow, and Half Truth (purply dark grey). The neutrals that really stood out most/I liked best: Deeper and MIA.

Comparison/Swatches of what I thought were possible dupes from UD:

Thoughts: The "closest" were UD smog (Naked palette) and UD Deeper (UD15)...though they were still different enough for me to consider them both worth having, for me. Ymmv. MIA (UD 15) was a cross between UD Darkhorse & Hustle from the Naked palette, but MIA has a better texture imo, Might just be because its new?

All swatches are 1-2 swipes with no primer

No Flash


UD Smog (Naked plt) & UD Deeper (UD 15); UD Darkhorse (Naked plt) & MIA (UD15)



UD Smog (Naked plt) & UD Deeper (UD 15); UD Darkhorse (Naked plt) & MIA (UD15)


No Flash (didn't take this one w/ flash sorry)

UD Sidecar (L; Naked) and UD Midnight Rodeo (R; UD15)
Similar texture btw

L-R: UD Sin and UD Flow (UD15 plt)

No Flash



L-R: UD Omen (UD15) and UD Ransom (Deluxe plt)

No flash


L-R: UD Fishnet (Deluxe plt) and UD Junkshow (UD 15)

No Flash


L-R UD Deep End (UD 15), UD Peace (deluxe plt), and UD Haight (single e/s)

No Flash



08/07/2011 4:51PM

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