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Karla Sugar @karla ?
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Member since: 06-23-2010

Name: Karla Sugar

Country: USA

Age: 25 to 34

Skin type: Normal/Combo

Swapping Updates: Yes - I want weekly updates

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I'm 30, happily married, and I love makeup. I also love the community of makeup lovers I've found on the internet. I can't even tell you the kindness displayed by so many "strangers" across the country and around the world. It's pretty amazing.

I believe in cleanliness. When I say brand new, I mean I have never tested or swiped the product. In some cases, I've never even opened it.

This is dumb, but if you describe an item as being unused or mostly unused, I'm imagining it to be in pretty good shape — including the non-makeup parts of the product (handles, mirrors, containers, letters printed on handles). If that isn't the case, please let me know.

I buy new packaging; I try to provide extras my recipients will enjoy. I was lucky to have some truly outstanding swappers as my first trading partners, and I'm definitely trying to keep that good karma going.

I love a lot of products, and my favorites are changing all the time (often depending on what I just swatched). In regards to swap extras, if you happen to have any little stub black eyeliners (Stila black kajal, MUFE 0L, MAC Smolder) — like an inch or two left — these are SO useful to me. I use them to mark lines between blush swatches. I also appreciate mini/sample ...Click to read more...>>